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Related post: Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 05:01:16 -0400 From: ron Subject: Return of the king chapter 10Harry was leaning back into Ar'Ron's embrace as they watched the now sixteen students practicing their sword work. Harry had just finished his training sets and was relaxing until it was time to start alchemy class, he needed to be able to brew fire wall correctly to be able to advance to the next level of classes. Actually come to think of it he really did enjoy potions when there was no one around trying their best to make him fail. Two weeks until school started up once again Harry thought. Did he really want pedo love illegal to leave Dumbledore as headmaster just so he could grandstand in front of pedo porn photo sexe all the students when he removed him from his position. The more he thought on this the more he realized that what he wanted to do was not what he needed to do. He was broken out of his musing by Ar'Ron. " What are you thinking Mel'Anin. " Harry sighed, " I am thinking that what I want is not necessarily what is needed. " Standing up and turning around so they were face to face " I am thinking that as much as I would like to have the whole school witness the downfall of the manipulative old man, it would be better for all if he was not there to injure any of the students when we eject him from the school. " "Plus there is only two weeks left to line up teachers if needed and a new headmaster if McGonagall will not take the job. " Harry finished "I will get Elrond to take classes this morning and we can sit down and plan this out. You will have to get into the school later on today or tonight by using the transport stone in the family side of the castle to the hidden room in Hogwarts. You pedo kds porno should not need to go further than that to get in contact with the castle. Remember she is sentient and dark pedo childs is probably wondering why it is taking so long for you pretten incest pedo to contact her. " Ar'Ron told him "I will meet you in the shower in thirty minutes. " Harry said as he leaned in and gave him underground pedosex a kiss. Ar'Ron arched an eyebrow at Harry. "What? Don't give me that look, I for once in my life was actually looking forward to potions class today. And I might be willing to miss classes this morning, but I am not wiling to give up our morning shower fun. " Harry said haughtily with his noise in the air Ar'Ron could not help himself and soon the pedo free porn galleries snickers at Harry's performance turned to laughter. Harry tried to hold back laughing, but couldn't soon he to was laughing. He gave Ar'Ron one last kiss before turning and walking up the path towards the castle doors. Ar'Ron in turn walked over to where the class was finishing up physical training to talk to Elrond. As Harry walked back towards the castle he thought back to everything he had learned do far this summer. His goal to follow in his fathers footsteps and become an animagus. He had passed his NEWTS in everything offered, so Hogwarts did not offer anything he did not already know. In Elven magic he was ready to advance to class two battle magic, one last alchemy potion and he could advance in that class also. He was having a little trouble creating the spell blocks used in runic casting. He mentally reminded himself to set some time aside to practice creating spell blocks, they could be used by the guard corps to practice inscribing runic spells on. He looked up as he entered the Castle entry hall to see Kingsley escorting professor McGonagall over towards Percy's desk. Kingsley Seeing Harry walk in the castle turned and headed towards him. "Lord Potter, Professor McGonagall brings disturbing news that you need to hear. " Kingsley told him "Hello professor. " Harry smiled at his old Transfiguration Professor "Harry. " McGonagall started, then thinking better on it as she really needed to speak to Lord Potter not Harry. " Lord Potter, if you can spare some of your time this morning it is imperative that I talk with you. " Harry looked at the professor as if studying her. The waves of fear and horror were rolling of her in waves. Opening himself up to catch surface thoughts he found that hentai sex pedo Dumbledore had done something that scared her to the core and horrified her at the same time. "Professor would it be better to bring the other professor's in on this conversation? " Harry asked her With tears in her eyes and a small sob McGonagall said. " IF you could rescue them, I was the only one who made it outside the castle before Albus barricaded it. The last thing I saw as the doors closed was Poppy laying on the ground bleeding. Kingsley snapped his head up to look at the professor at the first word of rescue. Turning the dial of his watch so that the ruby was above the number twelve he pedo extreme top 100 pressed the button activating the all guards respond beacon. Harry horrified at what he just heard walked the few steps backwards to the doorway and scanned the wall for the runic symbol for the alarm. Finding it he pressed his finger against it and sent a burst of his magic into it. XXXXXXXXX Dargoth who was talking to Ar'Ron, giving him a brief rundown on their finding Professor McGonagall and Kingsley taking her on up to the castle gasped out clutching his watch. Seeing it was blood red and his partners name across the watch face he touched it and said. " Kingsley activate " and port keyed away Ar'Ron looking at Elrond and his students was about to say something when the alarms started going off. Looking towards the castle Ar'Ron turned back towards the group of students and barked out orders. " Everyone to the main entry. Fifteen and younger, your job is to protect the healers and their patients, assemble on the right side of the hall with the healers. The rest of you pair up, Draco you are team leader. " Seeing everyone pair up Ar'Ron gave one last. " Ok lets go. " As he started to jog towards the castle Dargoth was the first port key into the castle to see Harry activating the alarm and his voice booming along with the alarm. "Attack by one individual at Hogwarts. Rescue mission being mounted. Healer team A and B assemble in the entry hall. Guard team report to command team A in the entry hall. " Guard teams pedoland paradis starting port keying in and converging on where Kingsley was standing. Healers with field packs came running down the stairs followed by Steven, Mario and Frank. Amelia who had been talking to sexe pedo Arthur over the floo heard the alarm start to go off. " Arthur what is..." She stopped when the magically amplified voice of Harry started to boom in the background. As soon as the explanation started to repeat she looked at Arthur. " We are on our way. " Amelia hit the alarm on her desk and left her office yelling out attack on Hogwarts and for everyone to head towards the transport stone. Ar'Ron and the students came running inside the castle entry at eh same time Aurors started pouring out of the transport stone arrival room. Harry looked around and saw order where chaos would have reigned if the ministry was still in charge. Feeling Ar'Ron's presence behind him he cast the Sonorus Charm."Listen up folks, gratis porno pedo Twenty minutes ago. " Harry saw the professor nod her head and continued. " Albus Dumbledore started to attack the teachers and other staff. We have confirmed casualties. sexo pedofilo baby When Professor McGonagall escaped the last thing she saw was Madame Pomfrey bleeding on the floor. He has since sealed the castle. " Harry told them Continuing he said. " Dumbledore will be secured by any means possible. That is the Torian Guards job. " Looking over at the Aurors and older students. " You lot are on search and rescue, find all the staff and get the injured to the healers who will set up in the great hall and evacuate the rest to the infirmary. " Summoning the Marauders map, Harry opened it " I solemnly swear I am up to no good. " "Draco make sure that you check everyone over for Imperio or other forms of mind control before letting them through the gate into the infirmary. " Harry told him handing him the map. "Finite Incantium. " Harry said pointing his hand towards his throat. Ar'Ron finished drawing the gate, wide enough for four to go through at the same time. Placing his hand in the center he muttered the destination while channeling his magic into the barely visible runes. A moment later the great hall could be seen. "Guard first, then search and rescue followed by healers. Move out people." Ar'Ron yelled out The guard raced through the gate wands drawn Followed by Harry. Harry took one look around pedo pics kdz in horror, Professors hanging upside down blood dripping onto runes drawn on the floor under them. There were two kids sex photos pedo runes that yet to have someone over them, so the ritual was not yet completed. Turning around looking at Ar'Ron on the other side of the gateway he yelled out. "Healers, we need the healers now. " Moving out of the way Harry quickly went overt to where Professor Flitwick was hanging upside down. Casting several scanning charms He yelled out. " Finite Incantium will break the spell, then Mobilcorpus them down. Be careful they do not touch the runes when they come down" Ar'Ron walked through the gate after the last Auror went through and it closed behind him. He pedo pics sites heard Draco yell out " Dumbledore is heading towards the divination tower and Trelawney. " Draco turned towards his team and the Aurors. Pointing towards the Aurors. " You four take some Aurors that know the way to Gryffindor tower, Professor Sinistra pedo innocent is hiding in the girls dorms. Professor Vector is in the hospital wing. " Four more Aurors followed by Steven and Mario took off towards the hospital wing. "The rest of you with me, Hagrid and Pomfrey are near the great doors. " Draco yelled out as he headed out of the great hall.Dan and Ben yelled out for the others to help set long tables on their sides and set them up as barricades near the doors. "Harry, make contact with Hogwarts and see if she can help. " Ar'Ron told him as he walked around systematically destroying the runes on the floor Harry walked over to the wall and placed his right hand on the wall making sure that the Potter family ring touched the wall. Harry felt a welcoming warmth as he made contact with Hogwarts. Information flashed back and forth between Harry and the castle, pedo porn photo as both caught up on history and plans for the future. "He knows we are after him. " Harry's voice came from all over the great hall. " He's escaping out the window. I am unsealing the castle. " Harry's voice boomed throughout the castle Before disengaging himself from the castle Harry asked Hogwarts to make sure to activate the offensive wards if Dumbledore's magical signature was detected on the grounds. And then he asked her to prepare the castle for the students to be separated by year not house. Removing his hand from the wall he turned to see a gateway open to the infirmary and Hagrid on a stretcher being carried through. Looking around he saw that all the other professors had already been transported to the infirmary and everyone seemed to be gathering in the center of the hall by Ar'Ron. Walking over to where Ar'Ron was standing Harry asked. " How bad are they. " "Not sure if Poppy is going to make it, but for the others a couple of days in the infirmary and they should be as good as new. " Ar'Ron answered Harry turned as Kingsley and the rest of the guards entered the great hall bringing with them a frightened Trelawney. He heard them make comments about a job well done with the barricades as they passed the younger students assigned to guard the healers. Sobbing could be heard coming from the hall, as the Aurors followed by the council heirs as they brought in Professor Sinistra and Vector. Harry watched in silence as Draco cast scanning charms on the professors one by one before having them escorted through the gateway. When Draco reached the frightened form of Professor Trelawney he started casting his scanning charms when all of a sudden he yelled out " Stupefy " Ar'Ron and Harry quickly nymph lover pedo walked over to where Draco and the fallen professor where. "What did you find Draco. " Asked Harry "She has so many layers of charms and control spells on her it is hard to know where to begin to start taking them off. " Draco spat out. Amelia who had walked up behind Draco after he had stunned the woman spoke up. " You have enough with healing all the professors that were injured. Let my Aurors take her to St. Mungos, we will keep her under guard as the healers work on her. " She suggestedAr'Ron watched in worry as Harry nodded distractedly to Amelia's suggestion then start to walk around the great hall. After asking Draco to put the great hall back together he went after Harry. "Mel'Anin talk to me, what s wrong? ' Ar'Ron asked worry in his voice "I can't quite place it. I started getting the feeling that something is not right soon after I finished talking to Hogwarts. " Harry tried to explain as he walked towards the head table "Lila. " Harry called out Looking around and seeing nothing appear, Harry got worried. " I know something is wrong now. To many generations of Potters have written in their journals that the by calling Hogwarts by her name, her embodiment would appear before them. " "And she did not appear. " Ar'Ron thinking out loud, " Lets get to the heart room, from there we can find out what is going on " Nodding in agreement Harry turned and started running out of the hall jumping over the barricade and out the doors turning towards the steps as he left the hall, he was quickly followed by Ar'Ron. Kingsley not hearing what was said saw Harry and Ar'Ron run out of the hall leaping the barriers. Seeing that he quickly detailed half his command to go back on patrol and the other half to follow him as he ran after Harry. Draco watched as Harry and Ar'Ron jumped the tables and ran out of the door, he was wondering just what in Merlin's name was going on. Then he watched as Kingsley and half the guard troops followed, deciding something must have happened he motioned for his team to follow. Harry ran through the ukraine free pedo galleries halls and up the stairs to the third floor. Running down the middle corridor he soon came to a section of the castle not in use. Stopping in front of a pair of suits of armor halberds crossed in front of a section of blank wall. Addressing the suits of armor Harry stated. " Harry James Potter. Lord pedo xxx child sex of Potter, Lord of Hogwarts. Open. " The suits of armor stood at attention and with a bang as the butts of the halberds banged on the ground, the wall parted. Harry and Ar'Ron walked through the opening the walked into a very large common room. Walking around the room they found at one end through an arch the transport stone back to Potter castle. At the other end of the room was a door that had a strong energy field covering it denying them entry. Not sure why, Harry placed his right hand on the energy field and as soon as the Potter Family Ring touched it the field collapsed. "That felt Elven " Harry told Ar'Ron Opening the door Harry was surprised to see a body lying in a crystal coffin on top of the desk. Looking closer at the coffin Harry could see a magical field surrounding the coffin. Ar'Ron walked over to the desk and noticed pics childlover pedo a journal open next to the coffin, as if it had been dropped there by the occupant. Picking it up he started to read it from the beginning. My Dear SonThough I fear it is my grandson James reading this journal, if it some other Potter heir and Dumbledore is still around I beg of you to stay clear of that evil man. For he is the one pedo woman that mortally wounded me in an attempt to wrest the family secrets from me and control of pedo teen nude Hogwarts from me.The year is 1946 and Albus Dumbledore has just defeated the darkest wizard to date. Albus had disappeared for two months before returning to Hogwarts a changed man. The once gently man returned a cold calculating vindictive person with a need to control every aspect around him.We started almost immediately to have arguments on his demands that I turn control of the Potter wards over to him. Even if I knew how to access Potter Castle I would not turn the wards over to him.Then came the day that he killed headmaster Dippit, claiming that he died of natural causes. Little did he know that I snuck in and examined the body and discovered he had died from the killing curse.Dumbledore through bribes and threats had himself named headmaster circumventing the right of the Potters to hire the staff of Hogwarts. I asked Lila to move the hidden library from the headmasters office to the Potter Family rooms there is a room behind this one that now houses the library.This was the last straw according to Dumbledore in a long line of interference with his plans.As I pedofilia xxx 14 y.o write in this journal it is the night of December 21st 1946 and pedo hot movie I have just barely escaped from my encounter with Dumbledore. He has grown so strong through dark rituals where he sacrifices young pre-pubescent wizards in the most horrific manor possible, draining their life force and magic.I found the room he had set up to perform the ritual by accident, interrupting him as he was performing the sacrifice on a young eleven year old Ravenclaw. I would love to say that it was a brilliant fight, boy pedo pics but except for the brief moment I was able to connect my mind to his, the fight was all one sided. I have had Lila go into hibernation mode, even though she can be contacted by touching part of the castle, she truly pedo free porn is not aware of what is going on.It is getting more difficult to breath and I can see my life force escaping, so I do not have much time left. I found out that Albus Dumbledore died shortly after defeating Grindlewald, as his brother Aberforth performed a black magic ritual to destroy the soul of one brother and merge the life and magic to the other.HEIRS BEWARE you are not dealing with Albus Dumbledore but his evil brother AberforthMy soul cries for justiceHarold Steven PotterAr'Ron closed the journal and looked up to see the all the stunned faces looking at him. Seeing Harry standing there with tears running down his face he quickly moved from behind the desk and pulled him into an embrace, kissing him the forehead as he did so. Frank walked over behind the desk and picked up the journal. Conjuring pedo fuck pussy up a stretcher he levitated the coffin onto it. Harry was silently sobbing in his lovers arms. After several minutes he started to get control of himself. " I want the whole world to know what he has done to my family. " "Harry let russia pedo children us handle the affairs for you. " Frank offered Harry nodded his head. " Thank you. pics free galleries pedofilia " he told him before stepping away from Ar'Ron and straightening up. "Lets get this over with. I need a long soak in the hot tub. " Harry told Ar'Ron Walking out of the office Harry met up with Kingsley and Dargoth in the common room. "I am sorry my Lord he escaped, we were not fast enough. ' Kingsley said not making eye contact. "Its not your fault Kingsley, or for that matter any dark pedo child of the other guards either. But brooms just became standard equipment for the guards and whatever goblins use to fly. You and Alastor see to ii that every one is issued the fastest they can handle and can be shrunk down to fit on a belt pouch. " Harry told him. "As you wish my Lord. " Kingsley replied "Dobby " Harry called out "Harry Potter Sir calls his Dobby. " Dobby said popping into the room "Dobby could you help Frank in the next room please. " Harry asked Walking over to the transport stone Harry knelt and placed his ring on the center of the stone causing it to glow with life once again. Walking over to the wall across from the door Harry pointed. " The heart stone is behind this wall. " Ar'Ron took Harry in his arms and saw the pain in his eyes. Reaching down to place Harry's hand in his he whispered. pedo xxx movies free " Mel'Anin the light of my life, the other half of my soul. Together we will get through this. " Seeing the pain diminish in Harry's eyes Ar'Ron intertwined his fingers in with Harry's and placed them on the pedophilia toons wall. " Lila please let us in. " Ar'Ron said When the wall became fluid and their hands started to sink into the wall Ar'Ron steered Harry through the wall. XXXXXXXXXXX After Harry left the room Frank turned to Dobby who had walked through little porn pedo the door and asked him. " Dobby can you go back to the castle and prepare a bier in the center of the entry hall so we can place the coffin of Harry's great grandpa on it. Oh and tell Percy to call for a press conference please." With tears in his eyes Dobby nodded his head before popping out. Frank pedoland free pics sites looked over at his sons, the way they had acted today even though they did not have to fight made him proud. " All right, lets do this right and make Harry proud. We will march through Commerce Street full honor guard all the way to the castle where we will lower the coffin onto the bier and encase the journal at the foot. I will create a magical projection of the diary above the coffin. " "Be prepared for the press to be in full force and do your best to ignore them. " Steven told them. After everyone was prepared they floated the coffin pedo nude gallery off the desk and walked out the Potter Family Rooms down the corridor towards the great hall. Entering the great hall they placed the coffin momentarily on one of the long tables as they caught the rest of the group up with events. Frank asked Draco. " Can you change the destination of the gate or do you need to activate a new one? " "I'm not really sure, but its worth a try. " Draco said walking over to the gate and placing his hand on the interface. Closing his eyes he thought up the clearest picture he had of Commerce Street and pushed the image of the new destination at the gate with a burst of his magic. To his surprise instead of the gate closing the scene had changed to the busy Commerce Street. A sudden wave of fatigue hit him as he stumbled back from the gate. "Easy there lad. " Steven told him as he helped steady the blond Frank cast a Sonorus Charm at every ones feet before saying. " Alright Kingsley you lead the way, two columns on either side of the column. " Shopkeepers and shoppers stopped what they were doing tying to find out where the thunderous sounds of pedofilia kids movie marching where coming from. They parted to line both sides of the street as they watched the procession pass, trying to catch a glimpse of the person in the coffin. Soon the crowd had taken up whispering the name Lord Harold Steven Potter, most fell in step behind the processional up to the castle. As they approached the Castle, reporters from all over the world started to pour out of the castle doors to be the first to ask questions. As if one the Lords and their sons drew their swords with an audible snap, causing the reporters to back off. The honor guard encircled the bier as the coffin was laid to rest and Frank conjured a glass encased podium to display the open journal. Casting a projection charm on the journal the entry appeared in the young girl pedo air above the coffin. Mario, Steven and Frank walked through the honor guard and faced the press. Frank took one step forward and began to speak. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, we will be taking no questions at his time, though we will give a brief statement. An opportunity will be given for you to submit written questions to be answered before the funeral three days hence. As I am sure most of the questions would be directed to Lord Potter who is at this moment ensuring that Hogwarts has the same defenses as Toria.Two and a half hours ago word came that former headmaster Dumbledore had attacked the teaching staff of Hogwarts.A rescue mission was assembled and dispatched within five minutes of the news. I can confirm that most of the professors were injured, but all will make a complete recovery in a couple of days.Dumbledore on the other hand made his escape and Hogwarts has been warded to pedo gallery nude not allow him near the grounds.By order of the Council of Twelve Aberforth Dumbledore also known as Albus Dumbledore is herby sentenced to death.No quarter and no mercy, he is to be killed on sight. " Frank told the reporters "Lord Potters great grandfather shall be buried promptly at 4:00 p.m. in three days. Until then he shall remain here in the center of the entry hall of Castle Potter for those wishing to pay their last respects to do so. kids pedoland " Steven told them Casting a silent Finite at every ones feet they started up the steps towards the council chambers. As they walked up the steps in silence a guard team and two of the Impare' set up station at diagonal corners inside a conjured red rope boxing in the coffin. XXXXXXXXXCouncil decries kill on sight order for Dumbledore By Thomas Davies - special reporter Daily ProphetAfter a surprising attack on the teaching staff of Hogwarts by ex- headmaster Albus Dumbledore, who is really Aberforth Dumbledore, the council of Twelve has ordered that he is to be killed on sight. Harry skimmed down the rest of the page before setting the paper down with a sigh. "How are you holding up Mel'Anin? " Ar'Ron asked across the table tasting Harry's emotions through the bond. "Angry, a little bit of shock, but holding together, If I can get through the next couple of days and back to a normal schedule I'll be fine. " Harry told him Changing the subject, Harry said " I think I have decided not to return to Hogwarts as a student. For right now it is more important that Hogwarts is seen as being absolutely safe. This afternoon after meeting with the professors I want to give an interview with the Daily Prophet and let them publish my NEWT scores. " "You are hoping that parents will feel that their children are safer at Hogwarts than keeping them home. " Ar'Ron stated "Yes, if we can keep the students in school so that they can learn about the Mages Oath, and make them want to take it, it will be the first step in breaking the cycle. " Harry said "What do you think about offering a eighth year, students could take their NEWTS in seventh and eighth year, thereby reducing the stress level, especially if they start learning Mage level magic. " Ar'Ron asked "I can see it pedo porn top being abused, but if we set it up that the only ones eligible for another year are those who have sworn the oath, then I think it will work. " Harry answered "Sounds good. Why don't we move this discussion to the meeting room, its almost time to meet anyway. " Ar'Ron aid to Harry as he put his goblet down and stood up. Harry grabbed a piece of toast and his recently thumbs pedo refilled goblet and stood up from the table and followed Ar'Ron out of the dinning room. They walked down the stairs of the family wing of the palace, Harry turned towards the transport step instead of the portal. Walking down the steps they soon found themselves walking down the hallway leading to the entry hall. Walking into the entry hall Harry stopped after seeing the mass of people walking past the coffin. Most were carrying small round stones that they placed in a small pile before going up to the casket and then as they walked around they picked up another stone on the way out. Confused Harry asked. " What is up with the stones? " Frank seeing Harry and Ar'Ron walk into the hall had started over to the two and heard Harry's question. " It is an ancient custom from long ago for state funerals. A person coming to say one last good bye would bring a magical stone that they would leave in a pile to be charmed, in this case the scene of the coffin with the journal above it, and pick up one that had been charmed on the way out. " Harry watched as the crowd stopped moving forward to make room for the changing of the guards who watched the coffin. What was amazing was that a Centaur walked into the hall and walked up to where Dobby was standing with his sword drawn. Taking the crossbow off of his back the Centaur tapped his crossbow with Dobby's sword and took Dobby's place. Amazing Harry thought A Impare', goblin, wizard and Centaur cooperating with a single goal, and not a harsh word between them. Watching the line start moving again Harry and Ar'Ron said their good byes and started up the steps towards the second floor conference room next to the infirmary. Walking around the room Harry set down a folder containing copies of all the notes and plans pedo pic teen boy he had researched for the past two weeks in front of each chair before sitting down next to Ar'Ron to wait for the others to join them. Professor McGonagall walked in through the side door leading from the infirmary followed by the rest of the Hogwarts Professor's. Soon the newly hired Professors walked in the doors and found their seats. Ar'Ron stood up and getting every ones attention said. " There are several items on the agenda this morning we need to go over. If you would open the folder in front of you we can get started. " Sitting back down and opening his folder Ar'Ron continued. " First item we need to discuss will be painful for some of you. Dumbledore has been removed from his position as headmaster and the offensive wards set up to recognize his magical signature if he would enter the grounds again. I can assure you it will not be a pleasant experience for him to have his magic ripped from his soul before he is incinerated. " Ar'Ron watched as his words sunk in to the Professor's. He watched the relief flood over their faces when he told them Dumbledore was gone and could not get back onto school grounds without severe consequences. Professor Flitwick was the first to speak up. " I have never heard of wards doing half the things that are described on this parchment. " "That's because they are Elven battle wards. ' Ar'Ron explained to the little professor Seeing the little professor bouncing up and down in his seat in excitement Ar'Ron added. "We will be glad to teach them to you after you have taken the Mages Oath. " "Mages Oath? " Questioned Minerva "Let me get to that in one moment. " Ar'Ron told her " The last thing I want to say about the wards that cover Hogwarts and Toria, is that thanks to Severus, they will recognize the dark mark and take action against the person so marked. " "Anyone that has the dark mark and tried to enter the secondary wall around Potter castle will be incinerated. Between the outer wall and the inner wall which covers the city and shopping area's will be stunned, captured and transported to a holding cell. The wards at Hogwarts at the moment is set to capture any with the dark mark, allowing us to identify any students that have taken the mark. " Harry told them "As Harry said on September first when the students walk into the front doors any with the dark mark will find themselves floating twenty feet or so in the air stunned. " Ar'Ron further explained "Now to answer your question about the Mages Oath. " Ar'Ron started " If you turn over he parchment you were reading on the safety measures, you will find a pamphlet written that explains the Mages Oath in detail, and why the advanced magic that will be brought back to the curriculum will not be taught to any one that has not given the oath. It also explains the process from both sex's perspective and lists the oath itself." Letting them read through the pamphlet Ar'Ron turned to Harry. " Mel'Anin do you want to explain the new classes or should I? " "If you would explain my NEWT scores first then I will explain the new classes and why their class loads have been cut in half. " Harry whispered back Seeing the tight frown on the transfiguration teachers face Harry leaned over to whisper. "What do we do if McGonagall refuses to be headmistress? " Leaning back Ar'Ron whispered his answer. " We will have no choice but to split the duties betweens the two of us. " Professor Vector put her papers down and spoke up. " I suppose we as professor's are being forced to take this oath. " "No one is going to be forced to take any oath. If you do not want to take the oath, next year you find yourself teaching at the other school that is currently under construction. " Harry told her "Make no mistake, starting next year Hogwarts will be a school dedicated to teaching young mages. " Harry said forcefully "The plan is simple one. " Explained Ar'Ron " First through third years shall be taught at Hogwarts. We want them around the students who have taken the oath, to strengthen their resolve to take the oath and see the incredible feats of magic that a mage can do. At the end of the year all third years will given the choice of taking the oath and continuing on at Hogwarts or transferring to the other school. Of course any time they do take the oath they pedo innocent kds may transfer back to Hogwarts. " "Professor Vector, I own both schools, as such my rules are what govern the schools. If you don't want to take the oath, it is not a problem, next year you will teach at the Wizardry school currently being built. " Harry said in a no nonsense tone Looking at each of the professor's one at a time Harry told them. " You have to understand that the graduate mages will be a hundred times more powerful than Dumbledore or Voldermort. And with great power comes great responsibility, and one way to ensure that the magic they are learning is not abused or used for evil is this oath. " "I my self have taken the oath. " Severus said pointing to the blue rune on his forehead. " And I would also say that the first few of us that started to learn the ancient magic demanded a safety net be put in place to make sure another dark lord would not rise with the power of a mage. " "But aren't you trading one mark for another? " Asked Professor Sprout "No. The dark mark is used to control Voldermort's followers. He can summon them through it, cause pain to be felt through it, and even drain the persons magic. On the other hand the only thing this rune cluster will do is to turn red if I break my vow to not pass along my training to one who has not also taken the oath or if I would go evil it will kick in and remove my magic. This Rune cluster becomes my guardian, I more than welcome it as it reminds me that I can never use my knowledge for evil, and that is a comfort that is not describable. " Severus told them "I for one am grateful that there is going to be some type of guardian on those that are going to learn such advanced magic. " Minerva cut in sternly "Which neatly ties in with the expanding of classes from seven years to eight. " Ar'Ron said to the shocked looks of the old staff. Holding up his hand to forestall the questions he continued. " Two reasons, one to many of the students if they chose to take the oath would be way behind in their schooling. So another year would give them time to catch up. If more time is needed, which is more than likely, they could enroll in classes that they could travel back and forth to the school for. " Continuing Ar'Ron said. " And the second reason is that ordinary NEWTS are stressful enough as they are, but add to that mage level testing parameters and the student can not handle more than four Mage NEWT classes at a time. " "Would you be kind enough to give a demonstration of transfiguration that would be one the NEWT tests Professor McGonagall? " Ar'Ron asked "Very well. " Minerva said as she conjured up a small block of wood and then transfigured it into a rabbit. Ar'Ron asked " A couple of questions about this delightful rabbit sitting there. How long will the transfiguration last? Can this animal go out and reproduce with wild rabbits? " Minerva shook her head. " The longest my animate transfigurations last is twenty four hours at best. And while it looks like the real thing this rabbit would not be able to breed or be eaten. " Turning to Harry. " Mel'Anin if you would. " Harry stood up and walked around the table and picked the rabbit up before putting it down on the floor. Bending over he placed his hand on it and incanted 'shas ialolys ' encasing the rabbit in a bright glow that grew larger as he stood up. After the glow faded Harry was standing nest to a pure white horse with wings and a long golden horn coming from the middle of its forehead. Hagrid practically fell over in shock as he said. " That be a War Pegasus. They be beasts of legend. " McGonagall leaned back in her chair, her face had a shocked expression and her mouth was hanging open. " long..." She sputtered in shock Looking over at the professors as Harry ran his hand down the Pegasus's neck pedo pussy erotic story under the mane. " His name is Stormdreamer, Hagrid's right he is a War Pegasus, a yearling colt. He is one hundred percent real, meaning he can breed and he will never pedo nude pics 10 disappear. " Hagrid stood up and walked around the table to touch the colt. "He's beautiful. " Hagrid whispered tears of wonder in his eyes Harry stepped back and conjured three more blocks of wood, pulling his stave from his belt he pointed it towards the blocks of wood and incanted once again 'shas ialolys ' and after the bright glow disappeared three young fillies stood there. A beautiful bay colored one along with a black and cinnamon. Stepping over to the bay filly Harry started to rub her head just under the horn. " Welcome Star Dreamer. " Placing his hand on the red Cinnamon colored filly he named her Storm Fury before going to the beautiful black filly and bestowing the name of Night Wing upon her. Stepping back over to Hagrid's side he saw the pedofilia mouvie dumbfounded looks on all the faces save the Elves. " Thorny can you come here please. " Harry called out A few seconds later the Impare' popped in " Prince Harry sir they's is beautiful. " Harry started to draw a wide doorway using magic. The professor's pedo illegal teen started to watch as golden lines were left behind Harry's fingers as he drew the outline of the door before going on to draw the pedo fuck mpeg runes around the corners and placing his hand in the center. With a flash of light the gateway opened up. "Thorny will you take our new friends to the dome and get them settled in. " Harry asked The little Impare' nodded his head vigorously calling for the Pegasus's to follow him, saying he had a snack of goodies for them. Smiling at the antics of the Impare' Harry went back to his seat and sat down. Ar'Ron placed his hand on Harry's thigh under the table and let some of his magic flow into his love to replenish what he had just used. "You just witnessed two separate mage level skills, though the creation of magical creatures is an Elven skill, mages can create non magical creatures thus ensuring species do not go extinct. " Ar'Ron told them "With hard work over the next year most of you should be up to mage level in your chosen fields. " Harry told them "Which is why your classes have been cut in half this year. This will give you plenty of time to polish your own skills. That is if you are planning to take the oath. " Ar'Ron told them "Before we get to the new classes offered and to the adjustment of some of your schedule's I would like to inform you that Harry has taken his NEWTS several weeks ago and passed with perfect scores, most with distinction. "Ar'Ron told them, shocking them once again "Also Draco top 100 illegal pedo Malfoy petitioned his mothers lord to kill the Malfoy line and underwent the ritual making him a Black. The Malfoy bloodline is now dead or will be as soon as Lucius is dead. I am his guardian and allowed him to take some of his NEWTS early. He passed with out standings DADA, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions and Ancient Runes. " Ar'Ron told them "Wha...Draco is links pedo links pics not one of my better students. " Hagrid said Looking over at one of his first friends in the Wizarding world Harry said softly. " Hagrid, since third year when you started teaching, you have been teaching us at NEWT level or above. After three pedophilia free galleries years I think any of your students could pass the NEWTS right now. " Harry pedophile little girls told him with a smile "Hagrid I would like you to teach fifth year and up Care of Magical Creatures. This will leave you just enough time for your own schooling. " Harry told him " Ollivander is waiting for you to come and get a new wand. " "But I was expelled. "Hagrid stammered. "Your name was cleared back in 1993, you should have been given a chance to get a new wand and go back to school. " Harry told him forcefully "I am to old Harry. To old to learn new things. " The pain in Hagrid's voice noticeable "Nonsense Hagrid, do you remember what you told me pedo lollita download asian five years ago when you rescued me from the Dursley's? " Harry asked "You told me I was a Wizard, do you remember that? " Harry asked "Aye, I said you would be a thumping good one. " Hagrid said wistfully "That's right, now I am telling you. Hagrid you are a wizard, so get your arse down to Ollivander's and get your wand. " Harry said sitting back in his chair "Hagrid I think most of us here will be more than happy to give you lessons privately. " Severus told him Sobbing quietly Hagrid pulled out a hankie. " Thank you. " Pulling a parchment with all the professor's names on it Harry wrote down fifth through eight next to Hagrid's name. Professor Grubbly-Plank would you be willing to take on first through fourth year Care of Magical Creatures? " Harry asked the small witch "Yes Lord Potter. " The small witch said "Before I go any further, is their any one who is not going to take the Mages Oath? " Harry asked Looking at the professor's faces Harry saw the determination in their faces. " Ok then, if the ladies will seek out Ellisia, the rest can seek out Elrond. " "There are going to be a lot of new classes being offered at Hogwarts. One of them, Magical Ethics, must be passed with the minimum of an E or the student will not be allowed to graduate. " Ar'Ron told them "Biletooth will be teaching business and finance sixth year and up. It will be a half year long course. " Harry told them "I think if you look through the next stack in the folders you will find a short course description of each of the new courses offered, they are sorted by teacher. " Ar'Ron said "Extremely impressive Harry. " Severus said as he finished skimming the parchments. " We should combine all this into a small booklet to send out every year to the students. " "We have already done so. " Harry said holding up a small red booklet. " This is the master copy it is charmed to be self illegal pedo pics updating. I would hand a copy out, but there are a couple of blank positions that need to be filled in first. " Looking over at the stern transfiguration professor Harry asked. " Minerva, I know that you're the deputy headmistress, but I would like you to accept the position of headmistress with Professor Flitwick as your deputy. " Minerva was shocked, in the back of her mind she knew this day would come. Was she ready for the post she wondered to herself. Seeing Harry look a little concerned as she was thinking things over she suddenly had a flash of insight. "Harry...Lord Potter I accept the post on one condition. " She told Harry "And that would be. " Harry asked back "I want Ar'Ron to share the post with me for the first year as I get myself caught up to speed in mage magic. " Minerva told him Seeing Harry look at him for a response Ar'Ron spoke up saying " I will do so only if you are willing to work hard trying to convince as many students as possible to take the oath. It is high time the Wizarding world grew up." With a smile Minerva said. " Done " The littlest professor looked shocked. " I accept. " he squeaked out "Good that leaves us with Edtule for your replacement in transfiguration. " Harry said "As far as defense goes I am going to take over sixth through eighth year classes. " Harry said "Remus is about to get volunteered to take first through third years in DADA, so I inlegal pedo only need to find someone to cover fourth and fifth year. " Harry said as he was writing in the booklet Severus thought for a moment. His second love was defense against the dark arts. Oh what the hell he had the time only teaching two years instead of all seven and it would still leave him plenty pedo secret pics of time for potion research. " Harry I am willing to take fourth and fifth years. " Harry smiled at the potions master. " Thank you Severus. " Writing the last entry into the red booklet Harry held it up and it floated to the space in the middle between the tables. With a flash several booklets, enough for everyone present split off from the main booklet and floated to each person. "Now on to something a little more unpleasant. " Harry told them Then he went onto give them a little history lesson about the rise of dark lords. After he finished up fifteen minutes later he added. " That is why I am abolishing all the houses this year. The students will be separated by years from now on. We will still have Quidditch, four teams sponsored by four professors. They will decide on a captain and build their teams from the student population. I believe this will make some extremely good teams that will rival the best of the professional ones out there in time. " Harry said watching the horrified looks on some of the professors faces "I know some of you are shocked and a little dismayed to loosing your houses, but I think that a thousand years of history showing the creation of thirty six dark lords under this house rivalry is more than enough. " Ar'Ron told the shocked professor's Seeing the grudging nods of acceptance from the professor's he continued. " One last thing before we break up and Hagrid goes pedofilia girls sex down to get his new wand. " Harry said watching his friend break out in a huge grin. " We are in the middle of a war. One that just got nastier by far with Dumbledore escaping. " Seeing the somber expression on the teaching staff Harry finished. " The students need to be prepared as quickly as possible. That means teaching them to apparate as soon as possible, and to think outside the norm. " With that Harry and Ar'Ron stood up and everyone started to mingle and get to know one another.XXXXXXXXXHarry, Ar'Ron and Draco had just stepped through the extreme kinder pedo barrier at Kings Cross and onto the empty platform 9 3/4, the only thing in sight was the red Hogwarts express. Moving closer to the train they quickly cast a series of detection charms looking for any hints of sabotage. Hearing laughter behind them the turned to see the heirs of the twelve and Ron and Ginny walk through the barrier. They waited until the group in full battle gear walked over before greeting them. "Hiya Harry. " Ginny exclaimed "Oi, Harry. " Ron yelled out as he got close enough to give Harry's shoulder a nudge "Ron, Ginny you look good. " Harry told his friends "Ok guys listen up. " Ar'Ron started. " The students should be arriving shortly, your job is to patrol the train and make sure no discord breaks out. Anyone causing any trouble can spend the ride to Hogwarts stunned for all I care. " "I want you all to step inside your core for the ride, I want to set an example of what a mage is, so you all spend the time glowing with restrained power. " Ar'Ron laughed Kneeling down next xxx pedofilos gratis to Gregory. " Hey there, I want you to remember something. " Seeing him look up at him with a slightly anxious look Ar'Ron continued. " Remember one thing, you know as much as most second years, plus under that robe you are wearing battle dress, so you will be safe. " Nodding his head Gregory gave a small smile before moving closer to Draco Standing up Ar'Ron looked at his watch. " All right everyone take your places, students should start coming through any minute now. " As the group started to break up to take their positions Gregory ran over and hugged Ar'Ron before running back to board the train. Shortly the platform became crowded as students and parents walked past the barrier from Kings Cross. Many of them nervous at the sight of those glowing with restrained power dressed in ranchi pedo battle robes. At two minutes to eleven the express let out a long whistle to let everyone know it was time to leave. Ar'Ron watched as the Weasley's gave their children one final hug before letting them board the train. He saw the sad lost face of Hermione as she boarded the train. Taking one last look at the platform Ar'Ron waved at eh conductor to proceed as he boarded the train. Hermione made her way to the trio's usual compartment. Opening the door she was surprised to see the only person sitting there was Ginny. Frowning she saw a blue tattoo on her forehead and she was dressed in some of the strangest clothes she had seen. Ginny looked up slightly to see Hermione open the compartment door and walk in. She noticed the frown cross the witch's face and smirked to her self, this should be fun. "Ginny, where is Harry or for that matter Ron. I swear the two of them would forget their heads if they were not attached to their bodies. " Hermione started to rant. Then gritting her teeth she let out. " And just what do you think you are wearing and that tattoo on your head. I mean really what are you thinking. " Neville and Luna entered the compartment looking for Harry just as Hermione began her rant. Arching her eyebrow Ginny replied somewhat pedo kids galery coldly. " Harry and Ron are around here somewhere. More than likely taking in teens pedo video their new duties and helping everyone get settled in. They have been here for an hour already. " Then standing up and glaring at Hermione " And as far as the rest it is none of your business Hermione what I do or wear. So keep your assumed know it all nose out of my business. " Turning to see Neville and Luna standing in the door with their mouths wide open, she smiled sweetly at them before asking. " Hi Neville, how was your summer. Luna how was Sweden? " Snapping his mouth closed Neville moved over to sit down across form Ginny before replying. " It was good. Gran took me to Commerce Street to get a new wand. " He said proudly holding up his new wand for her to see. "Hello Ginny, the Elven clothes look good on you " Luna said with a dreamy expression on her face. Turning towards Hermione with visible distaste on her face Ginny said." Hermione don't you have to go to the prefects car, the meeting starts in five minutes. " "Humph. " Hermione stood and gathered her things and walked out of the compartment with her nose in the air. After the bushy haired witch had left pedo mowie Ginny sighed. " Finally. " Gulping Neville asked. " Ginny what is up between you and Hermione? " Flinching at eh look on Ginny's face he quickly added. " Only if you want to that is. " Sighing Ginny said. " Its ok Neville. The reason why all of us are giving Hermione a wide berth is because she betrayed Harry. She pretty much said that Harry should be killed if it took Voldermort with him " Luna quickly lost her dreamy out there look and it was replaced with a stern no nonsense one. " That bitch. She is going to find out just what happens to traitors this year then." Further down the train Theodore Nott flanked by Crabbe and Goyle stepped in front of Draco wands raised and pointed at his chest. "Going somewhere traitor. " Hissed Nott Smirking Draco thought he was about to have some fun. Rolling his eyes he said " What do you want Nott. " "The Dark Lord has a message for you blood traitor. He wants you to die. " Nott said as he started to say the cutting hex As Nott started to cast the spell a loud ' Stupefy " came from behind them. Looking at the three stunned young men on hindi pedo the floor Draco let out a string of cuss words before looking up into the face of his guardian. Turning an extreme shade of red he just added. " Damn, my fun was ruined. " Laughing at the antics of the young blond Ar'Ron said " Come on Draco you can play later, we have a compartment full of prefects to confuse. " Giving one last look at the pile of stunned figures on the floor Draco smiled with the thought of the fun that could be had and turned to follow Ar'Ron to the front of the train. As they walked up the corridor thy heard then saw a commotion outside one of the compartments. Zacharias Smith not watching where he was going walked into Ben Wilder and had fallen over cussing up a storm. "Watch what you are doing." Yelled Zacharias Getting to his feet he pulled his wand muttering " Put you in your place. " Draco whispered the young mans name in Ar'Ron's ear. Stepping into the fray Ar'Ron yelled " What is going on here. Mr. Smith pedo paradise porn you will lower your wand this vintage pedo pedo site sexe instant. " Startled Zacharias twirled around to face the person pedo movies kiddy yelling at him. "I said put your wand away. " Ar'Ron told him starting to get angry Sneering Smith said. " Who do you think you are telling me what to do. " Snapping his fingers causing Smiths wand to appear in his family fun pedo picks hand to the boys shock Ar'Ron lost his temper. "Who do I think I am, let me tell you who I am. I am one of your professor's that is who I am. I am the person who just gave you a months worth of detentions scrubbing the loo's with a tooth brush. " Ar'Ron said as his hair started to rise around his head like a halo as his body glowed brightly and he was barely touching on the ground as his power caused him to rise. Zacharias paled as he heard the professor's angry words. His temper had once more got the better of him. Then he turned towards his compartment as ordered hearing the words. "See me after the welcoming feast and I might let you have your wand back. " Ar'Ron told him trying to reign in his temper, before he turned the young man into a smear on the floor. Further up the train in the prefects compartment Hermione had just entered and saw Ron talking to the head boy and girl near the front of the compartment. She noticed as she got closer he was wearing the same type of strange clothes that Ginny was. "Ron, there you are. " She called out Turning to see who had called him he groaned as he noticed Hermione walking towards him arms crossed. Saying his goodbye's he took a couple of steps towards the bushy haired girl. "Hermione. " Ron said neutrally Ignoring Ron's tone his immediately started in. " Have you seen Harry he was not in our compartment when I got on the train. What is up with those silly clothes that you and Ginny are wearing, I mean you look like some spaceman off the tellie. " Not giving him time to reply Hermione said as she stamped her foot. " Well are you going to tell me " "Maybe if you give him time to answer 3yo pedo your questions between your rants, he will Granger. " Drawled Draco's voice from behind Spinning around Hermione's eyes narrowed and she said in anger. " Malfoy this does not concern you so bugger off. " "If you are going to yell at some one at least have the decency to get their name right Hermione. " Ron smirked " His name is Draco Black, the Malfoy line is dead. " Slightly confused as she was looking at Ron Hermione said " What?" "And they say you are the brightest witch of our year. " Draco sneered. " Even you should have heard of the bloodline ritual. " "That ritual is illegal, and any way Sirius is dead and you have to have the head of the bloodlines permission to perform the pedo comic gallery ritual. " She said all superior Astonished at the naivety of his former best friend Ron said. " What part of all laws and decries enacted since the last council meeting are herby abolished do you not understand Hermione. " Biting her lower lip Hermione cried out " But Ron that would lead to chaos. " "Not really Granger. We did have laws back pedo fuck pics private then you know. " Draco said flippantly "Hermione did you not receive a copy of the laws of the land several weeks ago. " Ron asked starting to lose his patience "I threw them away, I thought they were a joke. " Hermione told them haughtily "Wait I have to write this down, Granger destroying a book. "Draco snickered at the embarrassed witch "Attention every one. Attention little sex child pedoland please, find a seat so we can get the meeting started. " Roger said Seeing he had everyone's attention he continued. " My name is Roger Davies, I am the head boy this year and Stephanie Kingfischer is your head girl. " Pointing to the Hufflepuff girl next to him Roger than continued with the briefing " Seeing as how prefect duties are going to be completely different this year and all the other changes that are happening at Hogwarts, we will get a complete brief tomorrow after breakfast. Right now I am going to turn the meeting over to one of the professors that is riding the train with us. " Roger gestured to the back of the room towards Harry Turning in her seat to see who the new professor was, as only new professors rode the train to Hogwarts, she was shocked to see Harry walking up the aisle. Jumping out of her seat she yelled out " Harry " Not wanting to deal with the backstabbing witch Harry said coldly. " Miss Granger please return to your seat. " as he walked past her without giving her another glance Enraged to be brushed off like that Hermione stepped forward and grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him around to face her. " Harry James Potter you will explain yourself this instant. And explain what that thing on your head is " Harry looked at he hand holding his arm and as he pried her fingers off not caring if he hurt her in the process. "Miss Granger, you will not take that tone pedo teen galeries with me ever again. You have just earned your self a weeks worth of detentions with Professor Snape. " Harry spat out angrily "Harry, what has happened to you " Hermione whimpered out holding her hand in pain "Unless you want to earn another weeks worth of detentions, you will refrain form using my given name. I am to be addressed as Lord Potter or Professor Potter, I will answer to either of those two names. " Getting up in her face Harry continued. " You...Will...Sit...Down " Glaring at her until she resumed her seat, Harry then finished the walk to the front of the compartment. Turning he looked over the shocked faces of the prefects sitting before him. "Most of you know me already so I will save introducing myself. I am the new DADA professor for years sixth through eight. " Harry started only to be interrupted by Hermione "Hogwarts only has seven years before NEWT testing, and what gives you the right to be a teacher? " Hermione spat out "Miss Granger you are perilously kids nudes pedo close to loosing your prefect status. You will learn about all the changes tomorrow at the student orientation just like every one else. And for your information this summer I sat for my NEWTS, which I passed with perfect scores, most with distinction. That is what gives me the right to instruct you. One more outburst and you will loose your prefect badge. " Harry told her giving her his best Snape sneer "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. " Harry said throwing a glance Hermione's way " Today the trip to Hogwarts is only going to take three hours instead of the normal seven. There will be a prefects meeting that will take place directly after the welcoming feast, which will be at five. You will have no duties until we get to Hogwarts, then I want you to make sure everyone assembles in the great hall by 2:30 p.m. For the rest of the trip relax and catch up with your friends. One warning though there are over a dozen people dressed like Draco and Ron patrolling the train. Their orders are simple any one causing a disturbance is to be stunned and shoved to the side until we reach Hogwarts. " Stepping away from the podium Harry started to walk out of the compartment. Everyone could hear him clearly but had no idea what he was saying. "sar ailesorol kos shai pyr mi sol mi air pedo sex images osaesol ti eirdyr " [ that infuriating girl who does she think she is ordering me about ] Draco had learned enough Elven pedo child doll pics to know what Harry was muttering under his breath. Casting a glance over towards Ar'Ron he started laughing when he saw he was doing the same. "Mel'Anin tar pyrn o pyl cali sai paer shor caes thys si vaer os si sor " [calm down you don't have to deal with her for the rest of the trip] Ar'Ron yelled out cum pedo pics after his soul mate as he ran out of the compartment. Hermione sat there fuming at the way she had been treated by Harry. She could not understand why he was acting the way he was. Draco looked over at the fuming witch. " You still don't understand do you. " watching her turn her glare onto him he continued " Harry does not take betrayal very well, Remus illegal pedo rompl had a recording stone with him at the order meeting. " Draco left it at that and walked out to patrol to corridors wondering if she would ever understand the harm she did to Harry. Ron stood there looking at his former best friend. Shaking his head sadly he told her. " Hermione at least I had the excuse of having mind and emotional spells controlling me, you betrayed Harry all on your own. No one has the right to turn some one into a weapon, a weapon who's only job is to be killed to take down some Dark Lord " Hermione just stared at the ground as Ron threw up his hands and walked out of the compartment, as we went in search of his best friend. " Walking down the corridor Ron nodded to Draco as he fell instep beside him. "Harry's right you know." Draco said Not sure what he was talking about Ron asked. " Right about what? " "Harry said the key was to get the child early. As soon as they could walk they should be taught about the Wizarding World. " Turning briefly so he was facing Ron . " He is going to set up schools that will teach Squib born children from age six on up the basics of magic and the magical world. " "Squib born? " Ron asked in confusion as they entered the last compartment "All those we called Muggle born, their parents are really Squibs. Somewhere back in time they lost track of their origins and of magic. " Draco said as they approached two figures standing together in the doorway watching the country side go by. Conjuring a couple of chairs they both sat down discussing the upcoming term. Noticing that Draco and Ron had joined them Ar'Ron conjured up a love seat and led Harry to it and as he sat down pulled his love into his embrace. They sat there talking about irrelevant topics until the train pulled into Hogsmeade station. They sat there a few moments longer watching the prefects round up all the students and hurry them tow